Friday, October 2, 2009

Free SEO Tools

There are some of my favorite free seo tools I used mostly. These are very important and familiar who does search engine optimization.

Check the page rank of multiple URL’s by using

If you want to know who links to you, enter all the URLs’s you have contacted so far in “URLs to check” and your website URL in “URL to find”. Click the link below:

This provides the best free seo tools for Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimization

The most important tools I always uses from this are
(Check Page rank for multiple URL’s)
(Check the external links for a Link page)

The following tool is used to convert any language into your known language

The following free tools are used to show the IP address of any website URL

Register yourself in the following URL, fill the required information and it will provide you a html code. Insert this code in the body of your website. Verify it. This will show complete overview of your website like website traffic, visits etc.

The following seo tool is used to check if the content of your website is unique and original

If you want to find the right keywords for your website then check the following free tool

I hope you will surely get benefits from the above free seo tools in Search Engine Optimization.