Friday, November 20, 2009

Some SEO Mistakes

While doing Search Engine Optimization of your website, one should be aware of some common mistakes which are discussed below:

1 – Select the wrong keywords. Some people select those keywords which average users do not search them. Everyone can make this mistake; even an expert SEO can do this. So, always focus on choosing the right keyword for your site. This can even affect you site ranking as well as web traffic. There are some free tools (See my previous posts) which help you to find the right keywords for your SEO campaign such as

2 – Not putting the main keyword in Title Tag. Since your page title always appears in the search results, so you should put your main keywords in 'title' tag of your site. This is very important place for your keyword.

3 – Optimizing flash websites. Flash sites are some but difficult to optimize. As crawler can not read the website content of the flash website and so they are unable to index them. If you want that Search Engines may index your flash based website then an alternative is to provide a HTML version of that flash website.

4 – Avoid using JavaScript’s for navigation in your webpage as Search Engines can not read this. If you are using JavaScript then to crawl all links of your webpage you have to build a site map or use noscript tags for your links.

5 – Over concentrating on Meta Tags. Some people understand that creating Meta Tags for their website is the only SEO and by doing this they expects of ranking well in Search Engines.

6 – Avoid using images only for Headings instead of using heading tags (h1, h2…h6).

7 – Using keywordless URL for your domain. Keywords with domain are very useful for Search Engines like Yahoo, MSN. Also even Google give importance to this. A non keyword rich URL’s may rank well but keyword rich URL’s have some advantages over their competitors.

8 – Using less keyword in the content. Now you have chosen your right keywords and ready to write you site content. Always use the right keyword in right place wherever it make sense.

9 – Avoid backlinks from Link farms, spam or irrelevant sites. This activity can make your website banned. So, always focus on quality backlinks.

10 – Some people optimize their website once and leave it. They think that SEO has been completed. This may down their website ranking. SEO is an ongoing process. Always keep watching your website ranking as well as your competitors. You can see your website progressing report daily by registering into very useful websites like