Friday, December 25, 2009

SEO Internet Marketing

We are SEO Internet Marketing professionals using only ethical techniques provides the best seo methods for search engine marketing. Our online marketing solutions will help to increase your sales, revenue and profit by achieving maximum web traffic from major search engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo.

There are four steps by which we can start our seo as discussed as follows:

1 - Analyze your website
2 - Site Optimization
3 - Site Development
4 - Site Promotion

Step 1

Analyze your website: This is very important step of your seo practices as your whole seo depends upon this. In this part, we spend some time on evaluating keywords and make a report of your competitors. These two things are going to very important in your seo process. Find out your appropriate keywords which are getting more searches. There are so many free seo tools like wordtracker & digitalpoint (see previous posts) you can use them for finding these keywords. This will return a list of searches for your keywords. Select the appropriate keywords and noted them in your worksheet. Now you have a list of your keywords for which you are going to optimize of your website. Organize them in primary keywords and secondary keywords.

After this, find out a list of top five competitors for your main keywords in major search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN. Make a report which includes their keywords, backlinks, traffic etc. Also watch carefully their seo practices daily. You are now going to compete these websites in future.

You have completed your first step of your seo.

Step 2

Site Optimization: In this, we will discuss pre-designing phase and actual coding of our website such as Meta tags, link texts, keyword densities and other things which need to be improved. After this step, you will be insured that you web pages are clearly understandable by the search engines.

In pre-design phase, write your miles stones and deadlines of your task in a sheet. This helps you a lot to manage your task in a specified period. You have your valuable keywords. Write at least 200-300 words of texts per page on each keyword. Keyword density level should be 3-5 % per page. Always use “alt” tags on all images including your targeted seo keywords. Try to obtain the best CSS template as it helps to keep page size down, centralizes the text and formatting. Keep all JavaScript and CSS files in external .JS and .CSS files. Hide your page formatting with CSS. Then, there is nothing left on page except meta and div tags. Now use heading tags (h1-h6) is your next step. H1 tag tells the search engine which topic is most important. Avoid h1 tag more than 1-2 times. To support h1 tag use h2 tag and similarly, use h3 tag to support h2 tag and so on. You can also use other tag like bold, italic, underline etc.

Now focus your mind on writing Title Description and keywords tags with your keywords for each page of your website. Make a sheet for that. Keep your title of minimum 60 characters, description about 150 characters and keywords about 870 characters. These tags should be written in right sequences. First title, secondly description and then keywords. After this, use robot.txt file. This will tell the search engines whether you want to be indexed or not. Use Google Map technology i.e. sitemap.xml

Now test your webpage for broken links, CSS and HTML Corrections with the help of validation tools like . If you get some errors, correct them with the help of your web developer or programmer. Each page of your website should go under syntax as well as readability testing.

Now, You have completed your second step of your seo.

Step 3

Site Development
: There are some following ways to develop your website.

1 – Install Google sitemap .xml file. This will index your every web page automatically and feed your web content to Google for you.
2 – Add RSS for your website. This provides the way to exchange the content with other websites.
3 – Start blogging and web forums to feed fresh content to search engines crawlers.
3 – Install Google Analytics to track the traffic of your website.

This completes your 3rd step of your seo process.

Step 4

Site Promotion: Here we start Internet Marketing seo of our website. This will really boost up your website in ranking and derives web traffic. It is not a brain science. Follow a good strategy with a systematic plan.

1 – Link Development
(a) Start free directories submissions. To get quick boosting on ranking, you can also submit paid directories if you have budget for your site. But you know that link aging diminishes the value of your one way link. So, if you are interested, you can take link from paid directories at intervals.

(b) Write atleast one Press Release once a month. In the content, please include links in your targeted keywords, signatures and company overview. Do not include your website or business name.

2 – E-mail Marketing: Offer a free newsletter on your site or start sending e mails to your clients periodically.

There are many ways for promoting your website but according to me link development with your keyword in the hyperlink is the most effective way in the seo internet marketing.

All SEO process needs good strategy and proper execution. Keep notes of everything you tried on this project and do your SEO in the future in the most effective way.